The William Morris Songbook

Farrell Family are proud to announce The William Morris Songbook, a double CD containing a collection of songs the nineteenth century designer, poet and socialist William Morris may either have known and sung, or – in the case of more recent songs –would no doubt have liked and learned, because of the points these songs make about the social and political issues in which Morris himself was interested. This is therefore not a CD of Morris’s own songs, but of songs which Morris (had he known them) would probably have learned and sung.

An article about the recording of the William Morris Songbook from our most recent Newsletter can be read here.


  •  Disc One 1. The Cutty Wren 2:29 2. Clerk Saunders (Child 69) 5:14
    3. You Noble Diggers All 4:10 4. The Mores 4:39 5. The Chartist Anthem 1:34
    6. The Durham Lockout 3:54 7. Willie McBride (The Green Fields of France) 5:28
    8. Two Good Arms 4:01 9. Hijos del pueblo 4:38 10. The D-Day Dodgers 3:19
    11. Plane Crash at Los Gatos 5:17
  • Disc Two 1. Dirty Old Town 2:29 2. Go down you Murderers (The Ballad of
    Timothy Evans) 3:08 3. The H-Bomb’s Thunder 2:47 4. (If you miss me at the) Back
    of the Bus 2:23 5. What have they done to the rain? 2:35 6. The Seal Children 4:44
    7. Between the Wars 2:48 8. Coal not dole 2:17 9. Country Life 3:52 10. Farewell to
    Welfare 6:08 11. The Old Man’s Song 2:50 12. Ringing of Revolution 5:39
    13. There is Power in a Union 2:36

The William Morris Songbook was recorded at Plymouth Music Collective,
September 2013 to April 2014; Producer, Eddie Farrell, Engineer, Andrew ‘Doc’
Collins. The CD is available price £16.00 plus £1.25 P&P (Europe £3.75, Outside
Europe £5.00) from Farrell Family, PO BOX 149, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 9DB
(Please make cheques out to ‘Farrell Family WMS’), or via

Exhibition: How We Might Live

How We Might Live: William Morris’s Socialism

1 November 2014 – 31 January 2015
Preview Reception 1.11.14 16.00 – 18.00

Opening on the same day as the 2014 Kelmscott Lecture on Saturday 1st November
William Morris & Me: Jeremy Deller

Walter Crane, Hammersmith Socialist League Membership Card

Walter Crane, Hammersmith Socialist League Membership Card

Morris joined the Democratic Federation, soon to be renamed the Social-Democratic Federation, in January 1883, and from then until his death in 1896 he propagandised and agitated ceaselessly for the Socialist cause. The Coach House of Morris’s beautiful riverside Hammersmith home became an iconic meeting place for Socialists, a place where every Socialist leader must have spoken.

In this historic location the WMS presents How We Might Live: William Morris’s Socialism, an exhibition that highlights his important contribution to the Socialist movement in the late 19th century and his enduring influence thereafter.

Morris’s Other Architect

29th November 2.15pm
Michael Hall
The early success of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. depended a great deal on commissions for glass and painted decoration from G.F. Bodley. Michael Hall, trustee of the WMS and author of a monograph on Bodley to be published by Yale Universtiy Press this autumn, describes Morris’s fruitful collaboration and friendship with this leading gothic architect.

Recital by Zadok Baroque

20th December 2.15pm
Kelmscott House in the festive season has become a happy tradition over the years for the period instrument ensemble Zadok Baroque, headed by Byron Mahoney on the traverso (or baroque flute). The group are invited back for the 12th year to provide a ‘baroque twelve days of Christmas’ with poetry and the early music aesthetic that Morris admired in his later life.
Tickets: £15 (£10 OAPs and Students with valid ID)
Book on website: or email:

Arts and Crafts Hammersmith

In this exciting partnership project between William Morris Society and Emery Walker Trust, we aim to bring the lives, influences and work of these two remarkable men to a wider audience. The project involves essential repairs and renovations to Walker’s house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace and improvements to allow much greater public access to this amazing interior and its collections; improvements to storage and important archives and their access at Kelmscott House; and a whole range of participatory and volunteering initiatives and activities. The spirit of these two men and their work and passions given pride of place – at the heart of their homes in Hammersmith.

With generous development support from Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Association of Independent Museums (AIM) and The Tanner Trust, the project is nearing the end of its detailed planning phase. In September 2014 we submit final plans to HLF for major funds and, once approved, we aim to embark upon this thrilling adventure in spring 2015.

To know more about the project and the opportunities it holds, please contact project manager Simon Daykin at More information as the project unfolds will appear here. Information on 7 Hammersmith Terrace and Emery Walker can be found here.